New Product oxygen flowmeter

diddco's New Oxygen Flow Meter with 2 ft cannula

$99.00 $69.00

Description: it is made of wear resistant plastic, oxygen compatable. It can be used to increase or decrease the flow of oxygen so you can be comfortable, Problems  with to much oxygen will cause your nose to burn and/or run also will make you uncomfotable. Lubrication: DO NOT USE OIL. USE SALIVA

This is how the unit works, by keeping flowmeter close to your body you can adjust it wherever you are.  I have mine on a 2 foot Cannula, which  drops the unit around my waist To adjust the flow hold the top and the bottom turn the DIDDCO Flowmeter counter clockwise to increase the flow or turn it clockwise to decrease.  First lets set the maxium flow. Turn the flowmeter counter clockwise about ½ turn. You don’t have to be exact. The flowmeter will give maxium flow after you turn it ¼ turn. Next set you oxygen source at whatever you want for maxium flow. I set mine on 10 Liters. Next lets set minium flow. Turn your flowmeter clockwise until you feel comfortable at rest, etc sitting in a chair. There is a set screw you can see on the short part of the flowmeter. Turn the set screw clockwise till it stops. This will keep flowmeter from turning. You may have to adjust it a few times. Patent Pending